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Creator & Writer Tiffany Dang believes in writing inspiring stories that are thought provoking and entertaining for the readers.

In 2004, Ms. Dang wanted to write a story about a female icon and mentor as a lead character. Someone who is real with no special gadgets or superpowers and living in modern day. Ms. Dang hopes to encourage young girls, age 8 and up, to admire the character as a role model.

Ms. Dang created "Sarah", an 8 year old girl whose parents were murdered by a robber at their family business. Then, Sarah's grandmother, Fang, sends her to a temple to learn Buddhism and study its "cause and effect". At the temple, Sarah learns to endure and understand the agony of life and death. She also learns kung fu as a way of meditation from the master monk. At age 20, Sarah blossoms to a beautiful and respectful woman. She leaves the temple to be with her grandmother, living and working at her parents' grocery store.

One day at the store, they encounter another robbery. It is at that moment that Sarah reflects back to her parents' murder. Sarah sneaks into the storage room and changes into a Chinese cheongsam with a mask. She then confronts the robbers and uses kung fu techniques to fight them off. When the police arrive, Sarah runs away and changes back into her normal attire. Witnesses report the lady in a mask as an angel fighting for justice. It is then that Sarah finds her identity to honor her parents by punishing those who need to be punished, teaching those that need to be taught, and correcting their mistakes in her best ability. Thus, "Justice Angel" is born.



Illustrator Valerie Boris was born in Vitebsk, Belarus. Both her parents were artists, which meant much of her youth was spent traveling to their gallery in Moscow. She had the opportunity to meet artists and art dealers, while perusing some of the finest art galleries in the world from Moscow to St. Petersburg. She was also able to take in the historical architectures of Old Europe.

In her teens, Valerie discovered concept and graphic artists such as Gerald Brom and H.R. Giger. At the age of 19, she illustrated a collection of Hans Christian Andersen Stories for a publishing house in Seoul, Korea. This was the beginning in a series of projects including CD cover design, illustrations for children books, and design of advertisement.

Two years later, Valerie left her job in Moscow with a graphic design agency to move to America in pursuit of better opportunities, education, and work as an illustrator. She is a full-time student and freelancer for Icon Image Production.

issue1 issue2
Justice Angel Volume 1, Issue 1
Justice Angel Volume 1, Issue 2 (Colorist & Letterer)


Colorist & Letterer Caleb Meeker was born in Fort Campbell, Kentucky, and shortly after moved to Arizona with his family and grew up in the East Valley. Coming from a family of artists, he discovered his talent for art at an early age. By the time Caleb reached high school, he knew the art and design were his future. During his junior and senior years of high school, he also attended 3D animation and graphic design classes at the East Valley Institute of Technology.

In 2003, Caleb attended Collins College, graduating with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Animation in 2006. Shortly after graduating, he began work as a graphic artist at 1 Stop Signs in Chandler. During his time there, he worked in a variety of mediums ranging from logo design and business cards for small businesses to exterior signage and advertisements for large companies.

Caleb plans to work full time as a graphic artist, and taking on freelance projects to ultimately become a more versed and well-rounded artist.

Justice Angel Volume 1, Issue 1

Illustrator Fernando Saavedra was born in Burbank, California. Art came naturally to him at an early age. In 2003, Fernando attended the Los Angeles Valley College and studied fine arts and life drawing under Sam Goffredo. With this study, he sharpened his skills and drawing came easy to him. Fernando graduated with an associates degree in Fine Arts in 2006. Later, he returned to LAVC in 2008 to get his certificate in Graphic Design in 2009. He has worked with the rock bands Faethom and Dark Legacy doing illustration, logo, designs, and album artwork and graphics. Fernando resides in San Fernando Valley, working as a freelance illustrator.
issue2 issue3
Justice Angel Volume 1, Issue 2
Justice Angel Volume 1, Issue 3 (Illustrator for The Story of Xiaoying)

Illustrator Jeff Serrano was born and raised in Chandler, Arizona. He grew up drawing at a very early age and became interested in art at the age of 5. It was his first comic book, Super-Man where he started to love art. Mr. Serrano is self-taught with no formal art training, but he has natural talent. He learned by reading and studying different types of arts and designs from many artists which contributed to his form. He is a huge fan of Michelangelo's work and his favorite comic book artist is Todd McFarlane, because of his innovative comic book style. Mr. Serrano has done a lot of tattoo designs and charity art work for churches. He has also done many posters and superhero characters for friends and family. Recently, Mr. Serrano has designed album covers for a local rapper and reggae band and made canvas paintings for a local charity fundraising event.
Justice Angel Volume 1, Issue 3

Colorist & Letterer Andy Tracy was born in Hartford, Connecticut. He lived there one year before moving and residing in Arizona. He has always been keen on drawing sharks and ninja turtles ever since he was a young boy. Mr. Tracy’s true love came in a Spider-Man comic book that changed his life. However, it wasn't Spider-Man who did the trick, it was actually Todd McFarlane who influenced him into the comic style which then propelled his interest to be an artist even more. In 2004, Mr. Tracy went to The Art Institute of Phoenix and received a Bachelor's in Art and Design. He was also a substitute teacher for Mesa Junior High Elementary School from 2007 to 2010. Mr. Tracy has had various art jobs throughout his life, from album covers to tattoo design, acrylic paintings and much more.

Justice Angel Volume 1, Issue 3



Illustrator Juan “Jo” Luna was born in the Philippines. He started his craft since childhood and became a comic artist.  He was also an interior designer for a prestigious furniture company in Manila.  After 25 years of comics, in 1994, he embarked to the United States to work as a freelance animation story board artist and background designer.  His TV series work were:  Hanna Barbera’s Biker Mice from Mars, Hearst animation studio’s Phantom 2020, Saban Entertainment’s Fantastic 4, Graz Entertainment’s X-men, Gunther Wuhl Production’s GI Joe, and Lightspan Entertainment’s Mars Moose From Mars DVD show.

In 1995, Mr. Luna was hired by Fox Animation Studio in Phoenix as a background designer for their animated movie, Anastasia, Titan AE, and DVD released Bartok the Magnificent.  After Fox Studios in 2000, Mr. Luna was hired by comic writer Stan Lee at Stan Lee Media Studio in Los Angeles, working as background and breakdown artist for a WebTV for 9 months.  Soon after, Mr. Luna was hired by Sony/Columbia Studios as a background designer for actor/producer Adam Sandler’s animated movie, Eight Crazy Night. 
After Sony/Columbia, Mr. Luna moved back to Phoenix to work for FatCat Animation Studio as a background designer for their animation DVD movies Crocpond and Curious George in 2005.  Then in June 2006, he moved back to Los Angeles to work for RoughDraft Studio/20th Century Fox Studio for the animation movie The Simpsons Movie.

Mr. Luna then moved back to Phoenix for the last time to work with his former animation director on game projects and other shows which included:  The Barnyard TV series, Planet Sheen for Nickleodeon Channel and Hop, the animated movie until 2012. 

Currently, Mr. Luna is working on his own animation stories and other magazines ideas and as well as freelancing his craft as a comic illustrator.


issue4 issue5

Justice Angel Volume 1, Issue 4 & 5 


Colorist & Letterer Susan Rauch is an Arizona native.  Her initial interest in art began with Saturday morning cartoons.  At a young age she began drawing anything and everything she saw.  Then in her teens she started painting as well.  Eventually, Ms. Rauch entered The Art Institute of Phoenix's Media Arts and Animation program, where she learned an array of skills from Photoshop to 3d Maya.  It was during that time when she worked on the projects, 'Sirenic Melody" and "An Alien Encounter."  Since then Ms. Rauch has been freelancing, designing and creating print work for Signarama.
Justice Angel Volume 1, Issue 4


Colorist & Letterer Nestor “Thor” Tantiado lives in the Philippines. He studied at Feati University with a degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts.

After college, Mr. Tantiado worked as a comic illustrator for different local publications in the Philippines. From 1987 to present, he is an animator, graphic artist, and character designer for several animation studios.

Mr. Tantiado has over 20 years experience in comic illustrating and coloring in both traditional and digital art. His goal is to acquire as many technical skills as he can while exploring art as a more social and public endeavor.  He has lived in Manila all of his live and feels proud to be a part of the creative illustration community in his country.



Justice Angel Volume 1, Issue 5




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