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Eight-year-old Sarah was born in New York. Her parents, Calvin and Rose are immigrants from Hong Kong, who own a grocery store in a tight knit business community.

Five minutes before closing time, a female teenage gangster comes in with a gun to rob the store. She shoots Calvin and Rose and runs away as Sarah watches on.

After Calvin and Rose's funeral, Fang, Sarah's grandmother decides to have Sarah live in a temple to learn the cause and effect of life. Meanwhile, Fang takes over the grocery store in an attempt to continue the family business.

Sarah lives in the temple for ten years where she learns the impermanence doctrine as well as martial arts. When she becomes a young woman, Sarah goes back to live with her grandmother and helps at the store.

Everything is going well until one-day two thugs enter the store and attempt to rob them, the resulting commotion triggers Sarah's memory of her parents being slain. Sarah quietly sneaks around the store from behind the thugs. She knocks the thugs unconscious using martial arts.

Feeling good about helping people, Sarah decides to fight crimes at night and acquires a costume. Soon, she is named, "Justice Angel", like the young woman, "Xiaoying" (pronounced Shao-ying) in the ancient Chinese fable, who fought for justice.

Later, Sarah crosses path with Dee, the older sister of her friend Allen. Dee is into dealing drugs and money laundering.

Justice Angel discovers Dee is the one responsible for her parents' death. Justice Angel seeks revenge and battles against Dee, capturing her.

Sarah believes that Justice Angel is all about upholding the justice of a cause and punishing those who need to be punished.






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